‘Anaconda’ as a Ballad

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So! The title of the title of the article: ‘Bet You Never Expected to Hear Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” Sung as a Ballad’ is a bit long. Doesn’t really grab someone’s attention at first. The reason i clicked this article was because of the end Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda as a Ballad. It also said it was going to be covered by Mariana’s Trench, who i basically love and knowing how they sound i wasn’t really sure how the cover was going to be.

The cover was really nice! Josh Ramsay, singer and guitarist, really stuck to the Mariana’s Trench sound instead of forming to Anaconda. Which a cover is all about, some would disagree, but in my opinion a cover is about taking a loved song and putting your own twist on it. Which is what he did. He made a ‘degrading’ rap song beautiful and slow.

I have seen this article around multiple times. A part of believes that they all say the same thing, but how many variations of the same thing can you say before it gets old and done. Its a music article, so its quick simple and too the point. Nothing more.

So…in the end i believe the only thing we could really tweek would be the title of the article.

Article: http://www.popsugar.com/celebrity/Marianas-Trench-Cover-Nicki-Minaj-Anaconda-Video-36054018


  1. When I clicked on the headline I thought maybe you were
    writing about the guy who fed himself to an anaconda so
    he could explain the experience on the Discovery Channel.
    Guess not.

    So, the song he is singing is a real song?


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