Hot in Here

I’m sitting on the floor in my own sweat. My super skinny jeans are clinging to my legs, not because they are super skinny jeans, from the sweat. I can feel the sweat forming on my forehead and then reform as I wipe it away. I feel it rolling down my back and soaking through my tank top. The arms of my sweater are rolled up to my elbows, but that doesn’t help much. Underneath my sweater, I’m sure my tank top is just drenched. The humidity in the place is crazy. I don’t know how they do it. Yet I find comfort in it. Not sitting in my sweat, but rather just being in this particular area.

Not that this place is pleasant by any circumstances. It’s actually the last place I feel comfortable in. It reminds me of my days as Monte the Mustang. The room is loud, everything echos: the boots of the set-up crew, the slamming of the door, the bounce of the balls, not to mention the sound of the generators. I can’t even hear the guy sitting right next to me. Plus, I’m sure my butt is stuck to the floor.

Even though I’m complaining about all of this. I really don’t mind. I like it here and what I do.

“Diane! C’mon!”

I’m already sweating up a storm. What’s a little more sweat?
I love my MAC Family~

Hello Girl?

Actually! This is fairly new, its from last night! I’m Asian. Hello Kitty is in my blood. I took my senior pictures with Hello Kitty. I love Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is my life. Ehhh, kinda of a bit of a stretch,  but I do want to go to Japan and visit Hello Kitty World. Its on my bucket list. So, when this popped up on my Facebook newsfeed last night. I learned that my life is a lie and I refuse to believe it.

Hello Kitty isn’t a cat at all, but rather a girl.

In the article this girl was putting together a Hello Kitty exhibit and when she verified with Sanrio, Hello Kitty’s company, they corrected her and said: “She is not a cat, but a girl.” Continuing with how she doesn’t do cat things, she doesn’t walk on all fours, she does everything as a human would, and she has a pet cat. It’d be weird for a cat to have a pet cat, Hello Kitty is a girl. That fact is very interesting, but I refuse to believe it. If you wanted someone to be a girl, why make them a cat? I’m okay with believing the lie that Hello Kitty is a cat, who only acts human. Just not a human girl.

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I’m Starving

Describe the last person I talked too before I came into class:

I was leaving psychology class with my friend Carlie. We were talking about the weather and softball practice. I said hi to Connor as we kept on walking and then I left for Lewis Hall. I stared at the flight of stairs above me. Hoping that by the end of my four years here, my legs will look awesome! At the third floor of Lewis Hall I sat down in one of the chairs knowing that the class in here before my Journalism class wouldn’t be over and then I smelled it!

“Good morning.” she said.

“Morning!” I replied taking a glance at her cinnamon bagel, which I would’ve learned later. It was Dominique.

She asked me what I thought about my video production class and I told her that besides I hate the fact that its at 6:30pm-10pm. I thought it was pretty awesome, but how did she know I was in that class? Plot twist! She’s in that class with me. I then asked her how to link other people’s blog to mine, but she wasn’t sure either. Honestly, I don’t remember much of that conversation, but Kayla did come over to join us. We then talked about Dominique’s new puppy and then she showed us a picture. It was adorable. Eventually, it was time for class to start.

Here we are.

JB vs. Paramore

I love music. When I say: “Music is my life.” I literally mean Music is MY life. I don’t play music, I used too, but I was never awesome. Music brought me to where I am today. It keeps me sane and makes me happy. So, a lot of my news article may be music related, but maybe I’ll actually keep up in the real world. Music news is just more entertaining to me.

Another old article, but in this article, Justin Bieber (JB), is accused for stealing Paramore’s Riot! album cover. His publicists say that it was all coincidence, but Paramore fans would like to say otherwise. Also, if he didn’t steal Paramore’s album cover why was it removed from his SoundCloud page? Nonetheless, it was some beef that Paramore came back with by copying Justin’s Believe cover as a joke. Instead of Justin on the cover with ‘Believe’ it was Hayley Williams, the front woman of Paramore, on the cover with ‘Ain’t it Funny’. Eventually it all blew over and everyone probably learned a lesson from this. Just as stealing someone’s writing isn’t cool. Neither is stealing someone’s album cover.

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Lucas Zimmerman Leaves Paradise Fears!

It’s definitely not big news. Definitely not national headline news either, but the night I found this out. I was a complete wreck for a solid week. A bit of an exaggeration, but maybe three days tops. I just know that my sister was out of town and I declared a family emergency. What happened was the drummer of Paradise Fears. My all-time favorite band and musical crush. Lucas Zimmerman has left Paradise Fears.

Happened a while ago, but news is news. Maybe next time I’ll do a bigger and much more current event. According to his good-bye Facebook post on Paradise Fears’ page, he has decided to quit the band to go to college. After his many adventures around the world from touring with the band. He decided that he would like to better the world, being the awesome selfless guy he is. He had decided to go to a technical institution to be able to find a way to purify water in third world countries. In the long run, Lucas Paul Zimmerman dropped out of high school to join a band and then dropped out of the band to save the world.

Congrats, Lou! You’ll go far. We all have #LouToBelieveIn

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