Lucas Zimmerman Leaves Paradise Fears!

It’s definitely not big news. Definitely not national headline news either, but the night I found this out. I was a complete wreck for a solid week. A bit of an exaggeration, but maybe three days tops. I just know that my sister was out of town and I declared a family emergency. What happened was the drummer of Paradise Fears. My all-time favorite band and musical crush. Lucas Zimmerman has left Paradise Fears.

Happened a while ago, but news is news. Maybe next time I’ll do a bigger and much more current event. According to his good-bye Facebook post on Paradise Fears’ page, he has decided to quit the band to go to college. After his many adventures around the world from touring with the band. He decided that he would like to better the world, being the awesome selfless guy he is. He had decided to go to a technical institution to be able to find a way to purify water in third world countries. In the long run, Lucas Paul Zimmerman dropped out of high school to join a band and then dropped out of the band to save the world.

Congrats, Lou! You’ll go far. We all have #LouToBelieveIn

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