JB vs. Paramore

I love music. When I say: “Music is my life.” I literally mean Music is MY life. I don’t play music, I used too, but I was never awesome. Music brought me to where I am today. It keeps me sane and makes me happy. So, a lot of my news article may be music related, but maybe I’ll actually keep up in the real world. Music news is just more entertaining to me.

Another old article, but in this article, Justin Bieber (JB), is accused for stealing Paramore’s Riot! album cover. His publicists say that it was all coincidence, but Paramore fans would like to say otherwise. Also, if he didn’t steal Paramore’s album cover why was it removed from his SoundCloud page? Nonetheless, it was some beef that Paramore came back with by copying Justin’s Believe cover as a joke. Instead of Justin on the cover with ‘Believe’ it was Hayley Williams, the front woman of Paramore, on the cover with ‘Ain’t it Funny’. Eventually it all blew over and everyone probably learned a lesson from this. Just as stealing someone’s writing isn’t cool. Neither is stealing someone’s album cover.

News Article: http://www.mtv.com/news/1817982/paramore-justin-bieber-cover-art-feud/

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