I’m Starving

Describe the last person I talked too before I came into class:

I was leaving psychology class with my friend Carlie. We were talking about the weather and softball practice. I said hi to Connor as we kept on walking and then I left for Lewis Hall. I stared at the flight of stairs above me. Hoping that by the end of my four years here, my legs will look awesome! At the third floor of Lewis Hall I sat down in one of the chairs knowing that the class in here before my Journalism class wouldn’t be over and then I smelled it!

“Good morning.” she said.

“Morning!” I replied taking a glance at her cinnamon bagel, which I would’ve learned later. It was Dominique.

She asked me what I thought about my video production class and I told her that besides I hate the fact that its at 6:30pm-10pm. I thought it was pretty awesome, but how did she know I was in that class? Plot twist! She’s in that class with me. I then asked her how to link other people’s blog to mine, but she wasn’t sure either. Honestly, I don’t remember much of that conversation, but Kayla did come over to join us. We then talked about Dominique’s new puppy and then she showed us a picture. It was adorable. Eventually, it was time for class to start.

Here we are.

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