Science Story

The Eiffel Tower can be 15 cm taller in the summers.

how does a phenomenon called thermal expansion make it so that the Eiffel Tower expands 15 cm during the summertimes? find out tonight in CBD news at nine.

the total height of the Eiffel Tower depends entirely in on when you ask the question. When the hot summer sun bears down on the daunting metal structure, thermal expansion causes the metal to expand and grow roughly 15 cm. When the sun sets and the temporaries cools the metal contracts pushing it back to it’s assumed 324 meters in height.

according to when an object is heated the particles within it gain kinetic energy causing the metal to expand and grow. When the object cools back down kinetic energy is lost causing the object to constrict back into its original size and shape.

Thermal expansion occurs in many different materials including glass.

“Glass is a poor conductor of heat, so when hot water expands only a part of a glass material, it bends until it breaks, either cracking completely or forming fissures across its surface.”

This phenomenon occurs in many famous and not famous structures around the world everyday.