Media Comparison

For this assignment, I investigated the recent updates on the case of Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petitio. After a throughout search of the area by authorities yielded nothing, laundries parents finally decided to join in and search the area, because of this, authorities found a bag of what seemed to be Laundries personal items and some human remains. In both the print and broadcast versions of this story the quote “Human remains are likely to be Brian Laundries.”

The print version of this story began with a quick review of the basics of this story for those who may not have read about or heard the story. From there is moves on to talk about how the remains were found and exactly why authorities are so sure that they are in fact the remains of Brian Laundrie. This version of the story was much more detailed, and it was significantly longer.

            The broadcast version of this story came from KLFY10 News. This version of the story was much briefer and mainly covered the developments in the story and not as much of the previous facts that we have learned in this case. They start by saying simply that human remains have been found along with several of Laundries personal items. They go into detail about where these items were found and how they were found. They briefly discuss Gabby and then they pan out to another story. 

            The information within the article is the most similar thing about these two stories. It is the exact same new information mixed with a different delivery and different levels of detail in additional information.