Explore The Otherside

Examine what lies beneath or behind. For this assignment, I ventured into Joan’s office in the Mass Comm department and looked behind her door. Joan asked me what I was doing and I responded with an explanation of the assignment. I found first that the door creeks. It sounds similar to a dog crying or whimpering.

When looking behind the door I first found a thin nail stuck into the wall. The nail looked as though it had been painted around as it had a hint of white paint on it. On the ground sat a doorstop. it was made of metal but it had some blue on it. It looked like the color of the statue of liberty.

Hanging on the back of the wall was a metal coat hanger. Hanging on the coat hanger was three clothes hangers. two were plastic, one was black and one was white. The third hanger was made of metal. It was different from usual hangers as it had a loop in the piece that hangs on the hook. To the left and down from the hangers was a piece of paper taped to the door. In the blue marker were the words Zooming with a squiggly line. The last detail I realized was another nail stuck into the door. It looked as if it had been placed at the same as the nail in the wall as it was the same length and same width.