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What’s in the water at Morningside University.

Morningside swim coach and boys team captain talks about the upcoming 2021-2022 swim season.

The Morningside University men’s and woman’s swim team kicked off their 2021-2022 season this past weekend at the St. Ambrose University Quadrangular. With several swim meets to come the mustangs coach, Brian Farris, feels optimistic about the upcoming season.

“We have two solid teams with good depth and great talent” Farris states when asked about the team. 

The overall team consisting of forty-five athletes is scheduled to compete at eleven meets spanning from October to March. Including duels, Invitationals, the KCAC Conference Championships, and finally finishing out the season at the NAIA Championships. 

For athletes to compete at the NAIA Championships athletes must swim a qualifying time at some time during the season. Farris believes that he has several athletes this year who have the potential to qualify and compete at NAIA nationals including but not limited to Sophomore Willy Pinnow, Sophomore Joe Ciricao, Sophomore Josie Dike, and several members of the senior class that have qualified before. In the eyes of coach Farris “We’ve got the complete package.

During their last competition season, the Mustangs were unable to compete at nationals due to covid guidelines and restrictions. This year many institutions in the NAIA division have relaxed some of their restrictions for swim meets.

“We will still feel some backlash from the effects of covid,” Farris says that some of the team’s meet schedule is uncertain, finding busses and bus drivers have been more challenging. While the aftereffects of covid are still being felt there are many ways in which meets have gone back to normal. 

Spectators will be allowed back into the pool which Farris believes will help boost the morale of swimmers at meets. 

James Spicer, one of the 2021 boys team captains commented on how masks affected his performance during meets last year. “Luckily we won’t have to waterboard ourselves with we pieces of cloth after we get out of the pool” 

Morningside swim is attempting to return to normal function this year as much as possible. The team is excited to attend meets with spectators and a little bit more comradery across teams.