Last Conversation

Last night at around 10 O’clock I had a conversation with a fellow resident’s assistant Anders Staxon. We were in my college Roadman residence dorm room at Morningside University, and we were talking about what a student’s dorm room should look like. 

I had stated that Answers room seemed very clean, organized, and tidy which made sense because that was the kind of vibe he gave off as a person. We then walked into my room. It was much less organized but still clean and tidy. I had many more decorative items that I think make the room homier. Staxon stated that he thought my room was very boring and needed a couch and a TV. 

We then laughed about the conversation and Staxon exited the room. Staxon is a blonde guy and was wearing a white t-shirt, black pants, and black shoes.