News Comment #6

Hunter Injured in Grizzley Bear Attack near Cody.

Saturday, October 2nd a man was attacked by a Grizzley bear while on an elk hunt in the forest near Cody, Wyoming. The hunter who was attacked managed to make it back to the trailhead before being life-flighted to a nearby hospital with “non-life-threatening injuries.” The Grizzley was a female spotted with her two cubs, the female grizzly was killed in the altercation by a hunting partner of the injured man.

This article is very short and sweet. It gives you only the facts of the case and there aren’t too many to report. At the end of the article, the author talks about the protected status of the Grizzley bear in the state of Wyoming. The article ends with a link to resources regarding bear safety tips and tricks.

I believe this article was made to inform and warn people about bear safety and how to handle situations like this. Being from this area I know that bear attacks happen quite often and in my opinion, this situation was not all that out of the ordinary. If news stations covered every single bear situation there would be hundreds of articles just like these. There was a definite motive behind this article other than just reporting the news.

Situations like these are becoming more and more common in Wyoming because there are a lot of people moving in from states that may not have as much need for bear safety information. It is easy for someone inexperienced in wilderness survival to go out and get lost or have issues with wildlife.