News Comment #5

News Media Can’t Shake ‘Missing White Woman Syndrome,’ Critics Say

In this article, the author goes into detail about how the media fails to equally represent the hundreds of cases of missing colored women while simultaneously plastering the story of one single white woman across every news outlet. The article interviews two advocates for missing indigenous and black women. While they do agree that the tragic disappearance of women like Gabby Petitio is important, they are questioning why they are not getting the same amount of media attention for their stories?

I believe this is a very well-written article. They do a great job of interviewing people from both sides of the spectrum. They make a point to reach out to news outlets that put the Gabby Petito case on blast to ask them why they haven’t posted similar articles about the indigenous and black women who have gone missing in similar circumstances. 

This article focuses intently on only the facts they have and do not fabricate any to fit an agenda. The article goes on to talk about sensationalism in the media. News outlets print what they know will sell. One source even stated that sometimes race and gender have a lot to do with viral stories, and that’s the sad truth.