Scavenger Hunt

On September 21st at 10:15 am I walked into the Khrone Advising center and entered the office of one Ms. Kim Sangwin. Sangwin is the Director of web development and digital strategy for Morningside University. Sangwin had three Morningside University T-shirts sitting on her desk as I entered her office. When asked what her favorite part of her job was Sangwin said “Helping people, That’s the goal.”

Later that morning at around 10:20 I walked up the stairs to lewis Hall and approached one miss Cassie Bates sitting at the front desk. When asked what her favorite quote was she said “Nobody goes to target and buys sad, It just comes and goes as it pleases” Bates stated that she “wanted to make a sticker out of that quote”. Cassie has a boutique where she sells all her sticker designs, the link to her boutique is located on her Instagram bio.

Cassie is a sophomore from Northeast, Nebraska. “It’s so small it’s not even on the map,” Bates stated.