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Nurses being fired across the United States over the Covid-19 Vaccination.

Shortly after the creation and FDA approval of the Covid-19 vaccine, hospitals across the country are implementing mandates on healthcare officials to get vaccinated. Healthcare workers from all areas respond with opposing views.

Peter Ramjung in a report from states that “Healthcare workers have been gradually coming around to COVID-19 vaccines, with one-third more people vaccinated since earlier in the year, but 27 percent of them are still unvaccinated, and 15 percent of the unvaccinated group are firmly opposed to immunizations.” The groups are divided into already vaccinated and strongly opposed to getting the vaccine. 

According to Ranjung those healthcare workers opposing the vaccine are either resigning or being dismissed from their positions. Skepticism surrounding the vaccine is now becoming a roadblock in the health care industry with it keeping nurses and doctors away from patients in need.

The reasons presented behind anti-vaccination are valid and healthcare professionals are demanding they be acknowledged. In an interview from’s Marquise Francis, a Huston Methodist Hospital nurse, Jennifer Bridges, stated “I’m not anti-vax. I’ve had all my other vaccines, but this one was rushed, and it didn’t have the proper research,” Bridges said, adding, “I would rather take my chances rather than get the shot.” Under normal circumstances, it can take upward of 15 years to create a safe vaccine, and research for the Covid vaccine started in only March of 2021.

Others are worried about the reliability of the vaccine. With reports of the need for booster shots are we worried about breakthrough cases of Covid in people who received the vaccine? According to Francis the answer is a shaky no. “More than 156 million Americans have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of July 2, according to the CDC data tracker. Only a tiny fraction of people who have been vaccinated experience breakthrough cases.”

Another concern that many health care professionals are wary of is Myocarditis and Pericarditis. Both are known as severe inflammation of the heart and existing cases are known to be caused by the Covid vaccine. Both conditions are considered a rare side effect of the vaccine, but many health care professionals have deemed that it is a worthy cause for concern citing it as their reason for refusal of the vaccine.

Protests and boycotts of hospitals are being staged to combat the implementation and execution of the Covid-19 vaccination mandate. Nurses and doctors around the United States are being pushed out of their livelihoods and what many consider their “calling” in life. Uncertainty looms around the future of healthcare and the freedom to choose whether to be vaccinated.