Speech Story

16 year old climate activist Greta Thunberg, gave a speech that was so powerfully spoken that by the end of the day 65 countries had announced efforts to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Making the point that things are not how they should be, she should be in school but instead she is speaking at the United Nations headquarters to the United Nations Climate Action Summit.

“You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. And yet I’m one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!”

Not taking anything lightly she was speaking from the heart and with facts, undeniable tugging the emotions of the crowd. With 67% chance of staying below a 1.5 degrees not being good enough. Continuing like business is usually is not an option.

Not letting this tragedy continue any longer she called forth an immediate change and some actions from all “We will not let you get away with this. Right here, right now is where we draw the line. The world is waking up. And change is coming, whether you like it or not.”

Article #2 Draft

Morningside has a long list of things on their to-do list. 

The diversity of the school is one of them, Morningside has a population of students and faculty from all over the country but when taking a closer look into the population how many American minorities are really attending Morningside. 

Terry Curry vice president of student life/ enrollment has noticed the big gap in the diversity of the student and speaks for every faculty member in the recruiting administration when she says “ It is important for us to have student / faculty from different ethnicity and back grounds.” 

Sioux City, Iowa is a heavily populated Caucasian and Hispanic/latin ethnicity area. They do accept and encourage people all over to give Morningside a chance but the tuition price makes the school not seem like an option for a lot of minority families and sometimes 

News Comment #6

The article is about an interview between Bob Woodard and the writers of the book “She Said” which is about the alleged victims of film producer Harvey Weinstein. Woodard went from good to bad pretty quickly by frequently interrupting the two author’s of the book with questions on what could have been his motives. The crowd did not take kindly to this, and rightfully so. His questions on if it was about sex or if it was “weird foreplay” downplays the fact that these women were victimized. He also downplayed the fact that psychologically, sexual abusers usually do it because of the feeling of power that they get from it. Woodard did not seem to intelligently interview these women and though his opinions were ignorant, they could have been better put together. Instead of proving a point, he further solidified the fact that women who are victims of sexual assault have a hard time coming forward without people somehow thinking that it was their fault.

Meeting Alex Watters’

Water cuts through rock, not because of its power but because of its persistence. ~ Jim Watkins 

Alex Watters’ is a perused politician in Sioux City, Iowa. His interest in politics started at young age when he would campaign for his father who was running for sheriff. Mr. Waters started to venture more into the world of politics in high school where he was on the debate team, and he made great connections through campaigning for his debate coach who was also a runner in the state representative. Alex then took things to the next level when he was page for the Iowa Representatives, he assisted everyone in the senate. 

Fast forward to years down the line Mr. Watters’ speaks with pride on his time with the Obama campaign in 2012. During that time Mr. Water’s felt, “Politics have become so perverted”. With him knowing the power of politics and how they can affect everyone and feels that politics. Now are not being used and viewed as the positive helpful asset to the people as it should be. Mr. Waters took his own stand and started running for offices in the Sioux Land area and became a city council member and is thinking about running for a state official. 

Alex Watters’ has a vision and a goal he is a good man with a great heart. Who wants to help in every way he can to whomever he can. Interviewing him was an honor he acknowledges so many relevant problems that affect every age group in society in every circumstance. He has already made a impact with student’s at Morningside College and in the Sioux Land community. But he has barely made a dent in his list of things to do. So be on the lookout for the rapid come up of City Council member Alex Waters.  

Alex Watters’ cut through his person struggles, not because of his power but because of his persistence to be nothing less than his best self. 

News Comment # 6

This article the article at hand is about how expensive it is to have insurance and a job. The person who was being interviewed Jessie McCormick, a 27 year old woman with a heart condition. She quit her job to be able to afford health insurance. Which is not as absurd and unheard of as one might think. Health care is a really important topic that is debated not only in the coming up presidential election but also the talk of employers and insurance companies. Most low wage workers pay so much in insurance that they take very little home on their paycheck. Not only can these people barely afford to pay their rent and utilities, even after having a large sum of money deducted out of their check they still cannot afford to go to the doctor. Many resort to quitting their job and applying for Medicare, as having no job seems more beneficial healthcare wise than having one. Usually the only people who have good insurance that they can afford are people who work for big corporations. This is why expanding the coverage of the Affordable Care Act as well as making it more affordable is crucial.

https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/25/health/employer-health-insurance-cost.html \

Mouthing off about a Deviled Egg

Food Description Review

Touch cold to the touch with a rubbery reliance texture sorts like a bouncy ball when I squeezed it. I could bite right through it very easily and it broke apart but didn’t separate it was still clumped together. It was still very cold and the egg its self was flavor less. Once I go to the “center” of the appetizer it was a burst of creamy with a hit of tang delight. That was just the beginning of the first bite the second bite was even better, and I could no longer even notice the cold flavorless egg it was at that moment only a holder of the filling. And then everything was over and I wanted another one. I would advice them for a brunching event they are better to eat when you are talking and not focussing on the food its self.

Article Review 1

Tauna Mayhorn 

  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/09/13/teen-said-she-buried-her-stillborn-baby-backyard-after-prom-she-was-just-acquitted-murder/?noredirect=on
  2. https://r-login.wordpress.com/remote-login.php?action=auth&host=fox59.com&id=41641915&back=https%3A%2F%2Ffox59.com%2F2019%2F09%2F13%2Fex-cheerleader-who-buried-baby-in-backyard-found-not-guilty-of-murder%2F&h=
  3. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2019/09/12/brooke-skylar-richardson-trial-verdict/2302494001/

The Washington Post was very straight forward with this case that has been going on for 3 years now they had some quotes and a video attached to the article. The title of this article was Teen acquitted for killing her baby she says she’s “forever sorry”. I think this was a interesting head line to draw the readers in and it uses a quote as well. 

 They did not show any sympathy toward the girl not did they for the baby I think that the journalist who wrote about this was very neutral and did not give any emotion towards the situation. I also feel that since the story was concluded they finalized it in a very good way with a quote which they did use a lot of in this story and the information of the baby’s burial.    

The Foxx59 titled the article Ex-cheerleader who buried baby in backyard found not guilty for murder. I think this is different from the Washington post because they give away the ending of the trail in the title now people just have to read. But something that this article does that the other one does not is give Brooke Skylar Richardson’s location which is Carlisle, Ohio. To me I think that they made her out to seem guilty in this article they had some evidence that the other article did not talk about and the way the formatted it has me also thinking that this was not a mistake but something she did on purpose and tried to cover up and never intended to have anyone know. They talked about a text message she sent to her mother very soon after she has buried the baby and how she has not made any statements about the trail. They also have a video in the article which was the same video from the Washington post article. 

The next article that I was able to find the story on was Cincinnati.com and they head lined the story saying Brooke Skylar Richardson trail: Not guilty on most serious charges. Lawyers don’t expect any jail time. This article was very long and they gave every quote and every little detail that was obtained during the trial. Which they did one of the methods we were taught in class because they were keeping up with the story the whole time through the trail they started with the new information and ended with the old. They had some information about Richardson that the other article did not have but because this is a close to home case people who live there or near there would want more details and facts along with the story.  

The Scavenger Hunt: Rush to interview

As I rushed out the door on an unsuspected interview adventure, I ran into a group of friendly sophomore girls leaving their education class. They were open to the idea of a speedy interview and I asked them if they had a moment to answer a few questions before they to the cafeteria at which they were headed. 

All of the girls Calli Wareham, Danielle Urau, Jatelyn Jessen, Rachel Barkena, were involved in many different Morningside sports I could easily tell by all the basketball, softball and volleyball apparel the girls had on. 

So when I asked to take a picture with someone who had on anything Morningside the girls all laughed and said take your pick. Since I was closes to Danielle, we snapped a nice photo that neither of us felt dressed for so I promised the photo would not be on the front page of the school paper and thanked all the girls for their time and let them head to lunch. 

Since I felt like I was being an inconvenient to group of girls and I wanted to really put my interviewing skills to the test my next stop was foreign land. Which to me is the Mac Collin Memorial with my lack of knowledge of anything artiste and musical. I was nervous but I walked into the office of visual arts and spoke with the secretary Deb Protexter who conveniently had a quote on hand or to be more literal on her computer desk screen. So when I asked her what’s her favorite quote she told me “ We are not owners of our pets but their guardians ”. I was in aww with a quote that was so relatable because my family thinks of our dog Nike more like a brother than a “pet”. Deb agreed about her family dog and read me another similar quote about the love that a dog can teach a human.  While leaving her office and thanking her for her time I think back to about 10 minutes ago before I met 5 new people and really felt the power of Scavenger Hunt.  

Tauna Mayhorn and new friend Daniell Urau

Review on Paper #1

The part that I put the most effort into in for paper #1 was finding the actual article. I struggle with following along with stories, so I wanted to find one that was so interesting to me that I could read 3 different articles about it. Also, I wanted to find one that I could keep up with and understand all the twist and turns they might add into the information that each article might put in it. The part of the process that I wish I would have spent more time doing was writing my analysis over the articles. I read through each of them very carefully. I only read each of once. I figured that they wouldn’t have to much different information, but in fact they all did. 

The most difficult part about writing the paper was trying to explain how the writing styles differentiated from each other. To me one of the articles seemed to be a little bias but knowing a journalist shouldn’t be biased I left like I should be using a different word to explain how that article written in the Foxx59 seemed like they think she was guilty and just harsher in general. The biggest problem I encountered with this assignment was writing the comparison. To me it seemed very specific and straight to the point because 2 out of the 3 had the same format and they said the same things. They just seemed to head line them differently and that formatted the way that they wrote the story. 

Comment #4

The travel time for airplanes have increased. 

There are a lot of factors that have been added to your flight time duration because the number of people who travel now has increased. To accommodate to all the passenger’s airports have added more flights. This resulted more of a wait time for take-off and landing. Airlines are padding their schedules as a defense to protect their reliability. Airlines for American recently analyzed information from the department of transportation and found out that 1990 to 2018 taxi time increased 19% at 30 of the nation’s largest hubs. These delays are not just cost people time but also money, 32 billion to be a little more exact. Passengers getting most of the expense with food and loss of time. About 82 billion of that is coming from the airlines themselves. 

Airline industries are aware of this waiting time and the effects of it they are trying to be more efficient in calculating and finding the best possible time to fly in the best possible conditions for each flight. There is also a lot that goes in to that and how convent that is for the passengers who may be arriving earlier to their connecting flight and to the next plane that will be using that terminal as well. Most airports are added docks to help with this issue and to try to fix the delays or early arrivals.  https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/16/business/airlines-flights-delays.html