This is Kiki

Got to meet Kiki in person and she’s great.

Kiki is 5 years younger than her sister and she has 2 beautiful dogs that are basically her little sisters if you were to ask her. She’s from Ankeny, Iowa where she keeps majority of her vinyl music collection and there also lies her favorite fishing pond. Kiki loves to be our doors and go on adventures. On her long drives going to and from school and home Kiki likes to admire the land and look at it as if it’s the first time seeing it. She loves living in Iowa and often finds herself wondering do people who just drive through her amazing state see the natural raw beauty and love it just as much as she does. Kiki is a sophomore at Morningside College she leads by example being the vice president of the Morningside student government. She loves to travel just this past summer she has been to Spain, Italy, France and Mexico. Also, during the school year, she is always on the go with the Morningside track and cross-country team. Kiki likes to run the 1500 when she is not working out with her team, she is working on her major in mass communications or her double major; Spanish. One last fun fact about Kiki is no she does not like the drake song “In my feeling”.  

News Comment 2

Typically, when people think of Facebook and the facial recognition function so they can be tagged in pictures of them but not posted by them. They are used to the option and not very worried about it. In recent research people are now starting to worry more and more about the technology used for this function since the same underlining technology is used for both that and for china to track down Uighur Muslims and detained them. 

Facebook is now going over their preferences and requiring a personal approval for each person to allow this technology to me used on their account. The threats are not here yet, but the question is how far are we from using facial recognition to locate criminal and lost people. It does have its ups and downs to the technology and the people are wondering do the pro’s our weigh the con’s

News Comment 1

The article about Donald Trump was very interesting to me for the fact that everyone is able to have a opinion anyone or anything including the president, but depending on your job you should be very mindful of how you interrupt and translate to the world so that you are seen as fair. For a journalist/ reporter I think that you should be very selective with your word just like the reporter’s boss told them in the podcast that was linked to the article. As a reporter you don’t want to mix your opinion in with the facts unless you are being very clear that, that is what you are doing. My views on the president and his tweets are just that and even if a person does fit into a certain category for example as a racist I don’t think it is right for actual news outlets to tag along with that label. 

Comment #3

Politics fill the air in the recent days following after the last democratic presidential debate Thursday September 12th. Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. has been in question with his once thought to be secure votes with the African-American people. After remarks about the legacy of slavery and his response. 

            Even though Mr. Biden has the popularity from being the Vice president behind Barack Obama. People have question if Biden will be less committed to civil rights enforcements. 

            When Biden attended the 16thstreet Baptist Church where they were recognizing the 56thanniversary of the bombing that killed four young black girls in 1963. The crowd was heavily populated by African-American’s who seemed very pleased and welcoming to Mr. Biden.