Meeting Alex Watters’

Water cuts through rock, not because of its power but because of its persistence. ~ Jim Watkins 

Alex Watters’ is a perused politician in Sioux City, Iowa. His interest in politics started at young age when he would campaign for his father who was running for sheriff. Mr. Waters started to venture more into the world of politics in high school where he was on the debate team, and he made great connections through campaigning for his debate coach who was also a runner in the state representative. Alex then took things to the next level when he was page for the Iowa Representatives, he assisted everyone in the senate. 

Fast forward to years down the line Mr. Watters’ speaks with pride on his time with the Obama campaign in 2012. During that time Mr. Water’s felt, “Politics have become so perverted”. With him knowing the power of politics and how they can affect everyone and feels that politics. Now are not being used and viewed as the positive helpful asset to the people as it should be. Mr. Waters took his own stand and started running for offices in the Sioux Land area and became a city council member and is thinking about running for a state official. 

Alex Watters’ has a vision and a goal he is a good man with a great heart. Who wants to help in every way he can to whomever he can. Interviewing him was an honor he acknowledges so many relevant problems that affect every age group in society in every circumstance. He has already made a impact with student’s at Morningside College and in the Sioux Land community. But he has barely made a dent in his list of things to do. So be on the lookout for the rapid come up of City Council member Alex Waters.  

Alex Watters’ cut through his person struggles, not because of his power but because of his persistence to be nothing less than his best self. 

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