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This article the article at hand is about how expensive it is to have insurance and a job. The person who was being interviewed Jessie McCormick, a 27 year old woman with a heart condition. She quit her job to be able to afford health insurance. Which is not as absurd and unheard of as one might think. Health care is a really important topic that is debated not only in the coming up presidential election but also the talk of employers and insurance companies. Most low wage workers pay so much in insurance that they take very little home on their paycheck. Not only can these people barely afford to pay their rent and utilities, even after having a large sum of money deducted out of their check they still cannot afford to go to the doctor. Many resort to quitting their job and applying for Medicare, as having no job seems more beneficial healthcare wise than having one. Usually the only people who have good insurance that they can afford are people who work for big corporations. This is why expanding the coverage of the Affordable Care Act as well as making it more affordable is crucial. \

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  1. You have more than necessary for a summary, Taunia.

    Now discuss how the article is written.

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