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The travel time for airplanes have increased. 

There are a lot of factors that have been added to your flight time duration because the number of people who travel now has increased. To accommodate to all the passenger’s airports have added more flights. This resulted more of a wait time for take-off and landing. Airlines are padding their schedules as a defense to protect their reliability. Airlines for American recently analyzed information from the department of transportation and found out that 1990 to 2018 taxi time increased 19% at 30 of the nation’s largest hubs. These delays are not just cost people time but also money, 32 billion to be a little more exact. Passengers getting most of the expense with food and loss of time. About 82 billion of that is coming from the airlines themselves. 

Airline industries are aware of this waiting time and the effects of it they are trying to be more efficient in calculating and finding the best possible time to fly in the best possible conditions for each flight. There is also a lot that goes in to that and how convent that is for the passengers who may be arriving earlier to their connecting flight and to the next plane that will be using that terminal as well. Most airports are added docks to help with this issue and to try to fix the delays or early arrivals.

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  1. This would have been Week 5. I’ll go with it.

    Less summary, Tauna. Focus your attention on the story itself. How it’s written. What makes it newsworthy? What the audience needs.

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