The Scavenger Hunt: Rush to interview

As I rushed out the door on an unsuspected interview adventure, I ran into a group of friendly sophomore girls leaving their education class. They were open to the idea of a speedy interview and I asked them if they had a moment to answer a few questions before they to the cafeteria at which they were headed. 

All of the girls Calli Wareham, Danielle Urau, Jatelyn Jessen, Rachel Barkena, were involved in many different Morningside sports I could easily tell by all the basketball, softball and volleyball apparel the girls had on. 

So when I asked to take a picture with someone who had on anything Morningside the girls all laughed and said take your pick. Since I was closes to Danielle, we snapped a nice photo that neither of us felt dressed for so I promised the photo would not be on the front page of the school paper and thanked all the girls for their time and let them head to lunch. 

Since I felt like I was being an inconvenient to group of girls and I wanted to really put my interviewing skills to the test my next stop was foreign land. Which to me is the Mac Collin Memorial with my lack of knowledge of anything artiste and musical. I was nervous but I walked into the office of visual arts and spoke with the secretary Deb Protexter who conveniently had a quote on hand or to be more literal on her computer desk screen. So when I asked her what’s her favorite quote she told me “ We are not owners of our pets but their guardians ”. I was in aww with a quote that was so relatable because my family thinks of our dog Nike more like a brother than a “pet”. Deb agreed about her family dog and read me another similar quote about the love that a dog can teach a human.  While leaving her office and thanking her for her time I think back to about 10 minutes ago before I met 5 new people and really felt the power of Scavenger Hunt.  

Tauna Mayhorn and new friend Daniell Urau

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  1. For some reason, I did not think this assignment would be difficult for you, Tauna. You do need to proofread, though. For every assignment, no matter how minor.

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