News Comment

Daca which stands for Deferred Action for Children Act; is being questioned and reformed in law. People are now saying that this is illegal, and we should end the hosting of these undocumented people in the US, to help with immigrations poly. 

Many people on the opposing side of this argument think that this will cause a huge negative shift in the economy. So many people who are Daca and Dreamer recipients would be pushed out of the country. These are people who were educated in America and have had jobs here and build families also people who are in our military. 

Deciding whether or not this was illegal from the begging and how to make take the proper steps to respectfully help the country and the immigrants. Is what they are trying to figure out because they have already been sued and those cases did not end in their favor  

Morning Problem with Latrell

Latrell a 6’4, 400 pound African American man his favorite controversial black sweat shirt, sweat pants and black shoes with his hood up and head phones in. Walked into the cafeteria with a resting bitch face and the attitude to match. He and I sat across from each other in the Morningside cafeteria for breakfast and we did not say one word to each other. We take turns peeking at each other and then looking away but no words were spoke as I watched him eat his waffle in amazement that someone could eat something so sweet would be so appetizing to someone this early in the morning. When we existed the building and I started heading left and he right he said Tauna come on which had been the first words spoken to me since before we had entered the cafeteria.

He continued and said I’m still mad at you but I will drop you off at class. I got into the tan Buick which was still warm from when the heat was on from the drive from Latrells house to the cafeteria. He said I’m mad you made me walk in by myself. I said that I had already paid for you to eat and the lady at the front who scans ID’s knew that you were coming in and who you are and all you had to do was walk in and say hi and then come sit down. It’s uncomfortable said Latrell, so what I said i’m not coming to the front just to walk you in, you can just get over it.

He said that I should know what its like to be uncomfortable with something and used the example of me not wanting to stay at his mother house. but I rapidly cut him short and said I still did it multiple times and I just had to get over not being very comfortable with that. I got out of the car and entered the Hickman Hobbs Learning Center AKA the rustic chic Morningside library that looks a lot older on the outside than it does on the inside.

News Comment 11

“Cancel culture” is a topic that has been under debate for quite some time. Some people see “cancelling” someone as holding them accountable for their actions. Others see it as people being overly sensitive.

One main criticism of cancel culture is that it does not allow the person to grow from their mindset or actions, because once someone is cancelled, there is not uncancelling them. There are people who are cancelled for making offensive jokes, and others who are cancelled over accusations of being a sexual predator.

The article names a time when a girl at a catholic school “cancelled” someone for refusing to stop playing R. Kelly in the classroom, who is not only known for his iconic songs like “I believe I can fly” and “step in the name of love”, he is also known for preying on underage girls. 

The main problem with cancel culture is that you never know how petty of an offense it was for you to get cancelled. There are people who were cancelled because of a joke they made a decade ago, it just doesn’t allow room for change. Chris Brown could go decades without getting into trouble and go to therapy and make a complete 180 and people will still call him woman beater. 

There needs to be some sort of middle ground where people are held accountable for the wrong they do, but also provide room for growth. Some people who have done bad things in the past and try to grow from it after being cancelled feed bullied because no matter how hard they try to improve themselves, they will always be cancelled.

News Comment 10

With the current presidential election still brewing up steam in the media and news outlet. The subject of the article was the opioid epidemic and how other candidates are pushing their plan to help the problem and comparing what they want to do to what is currently being done.  

Taking notice of the writing of this article, the publisher start off with the back ground of the epidemic and then goes into specifically Elizabeth Warren’s and her plan. 

It is interesting that they started off with the background in the lead seeing as to most of the other stories would start with the most interesting and new topic like Elizabeth Warrens plan then go into Trumps current plan in place. Also, at the end of the article they speak about how all of the democratic canidates and a briefing of their plans. They just end the article like that which they to me do not sum everything up and this is a overall new journalism format that I don’t think we talked about in class. It was just very informational. 

Science Story

STD’s that were almost extent are now at all-time high. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has had nearly 2.4 million cases of syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea reported in 2018. 

These numbers are the highest they have ever been.  

African American men who have sex with other men have been the most popular group to pass on gonorrhea. Which in women show different side effects than it does in men. 

The reasons suspected for the rise of STD’s is there is a rise in condom less sex among men and women. With dating apps being also used as hook up apps, people are being less and less careful. 

People have become naïve, because the worry for STD’s used to be so low but now the risks are back and more dangerous than ever.  

News Comment #7

The article follows a woman who is a care giver who primarily takes care of elderly people. The job can be definitely be draining and does not pay them very much, but it is a high-demand job so she still does it. The author of the article does a good job of not making the paragraphs too long, and also inserted pictures and graphs. This helps make the article easier to read, because it is kind of lengthy. The article does an outstanding job of spreading awareness of how this job is one of the most draining jobs with the least amount of reward, while offering solutions on how to fix it.

Speech Story

16 year old climate activist Greta Thunberg, gave a speech that was so powerfully spoken that by the end of the day 65 countries had announced efforts to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Making the point that things are not how they should be, she should be in school but instead she is speaking at the United Nations headquarters to the United Nations Climate Action Summit.

“You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. And yet I’m one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!”

Not taking anything lightly she was speaking from the heart and with facts, undeniable tugging the emotions of the crowd. With 67% chance of staying below a 1.5 degrees not being good enough. Continuing like business is usually is not an option.

Not letting this tragedy continue any longer she called forth an immediate change and some actions from all “We will not let you get away with this. Right here, right now is where we draw the line. The world is waking up. And change is coming, whether you like it or not.”

Article #2 Draft

Morningside has a long list of things on their to-do list. 

The diversity of the school is one of them, Morningside has a population of students and faculty from all over the country but when taking a closer look into the population how many American minorities are really attending Morningside. 

Terry Curry vice president of student life/ enrollment has noticed the big gap in the diversity of the student and speaks for every faculty member in the recruiting administration when she says “ It is important for us to have student / faculty from different ethnicity and back grounds.” 

Sioux City, Iowa is a heavily populated Caucasian and Hispanic/latin ethnicity area. They do accept and encourage people all over to give Morningside a chance but the tuition price makes the school not seem like an option for a lot of minority families and sometimes 

News Comment #6

The article is about an interview between Bob Woodard and the writers of the book “She Said” which is about the alleged victims of film producer Harvey Weinstein. Woodard went from good to bad pretty quickly by frequently interrupting the two author’s of the book with questions on what could have been his motives. The crowd did not take kindly to this, and rightfully so. His questions on if it was about sex or if it was “weird foreplay” downplays the fact that these women were victimized. He also downplayed the fact that psychologically, sexual abusers usually do it because of the feeling of power that they get from it. Woodard did not seem to intelligently interview these women and though his opinions were ignorant, they could have been better put together. Instead of proving a point, he further solidified the fact that women who are victims of sexual assault have a hard time coming forward without people somehow thinking that it was their fault.