Mouthing off about a Deviled Egg

Food Description Review

Touch cold to the touch with a rubbery reliance texture sorts like a bouncy ball when I squeezed it. I could bite right through it very easily and it broke apart but didn’t separate it was still clumped together. It was still very cold and the egg its self was flavor less. Once I go to the “center” of the appetizer it was a burst of creamy with a hit of tang delight. That was just the beginning of the first bite the second bite was even better, and I could no longer even notice the cold flavorless egg it was at that moment only a holder of the filling. And then everything was over and I wanted another one. I would advice them for a brunching event they are better to eat when you are talking and not focussing on the food its self.

1 thought on “Mouthing off about a Deviled Egg

  1. OK on sensory detail. Keep this in mind when you get the opportunity to use description.

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