Article Review 1

Tauna Mayhorn 


The Washington Post was very straight forward with this case that has been going on for 3 years now they had some quotes and a video attached to the article. The title of this article was Teen acquitted for killing her baby she says she’s “forever sorry”. I think this was a interesting head line to draw the readers in and it uses a quote as well. 

 They did not show any sympathy toward the girl not did they for the baby I think that the journalist who wrote about this was very neutral and did not give any emotion towards the situation. I also feel that since the story was concluded they finalized it in a very good way with a quote which they did use a lot of in this story and the information of the baby’s burial.    

The Foxx59 titled the article Ex-cheerleader who buried baby in backyard found not guilty for murder. I think this is different from the Washington post because they give away the ending of the trail in the title now people just have to read. But something that this article does that the other one does not is give Brooke Skylar Richardson’s location which is Carlisle, Ohio. To me I think that they made her out to seem guilty in this article they had some evidence that the other article did not talk about and the way the formatted it has me also thinking that this was not a mistake but something she did on purpose and tried to cover up and never intended to have anyone know. They talked about a text message she sent to her mother very soon after she has buried the baby and how she has not made any statements about the trail. They also have a video in the article which was the same video from the Washington post article. 

The next article that I was able to find the story on was and they head lined the story saying Brooke Skylar Richardson trail: Not guilty on most serious charges. Lawyers don’t expect any jail time. This article was very long and they gave every quote and every little detail that was obtained during the trial. Which they did one of the methods we were taught in class because they were keeping up with the story the whole time through the trail they started with the new information and ended with the old. They had some information about Richardson that the other article did not have but because this is a close to home case people who live there or near there would want more details and facts along with the story.  

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