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The article is about an interview between Bob Woodard and the writers of the book “She Said” which is about the alleged victims of film producer Harvey Weinstein. Woodard went from good to bad pretty quickly by frequently interrupting the two author’s of the book with questions on what could have been his motives. The crowd did not take kindly to this, and rightfully so. His questions on if it was about sex or if it was “weird foreplay” downplays the fact that these women were victimized. He also downplayed the fact that psychologically, sexual abusers usually do it because of the feeling of power that they get from it. Woodard did not seem to intelligently interview these women and though his opinions were ignorant, they could have been better put together. Instead of proving a point, he further solidified the fact that women who are victims of sexual assault have a hard time coming forward without people somehow thinking that it was their fault.

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  1. Woodward. Just so you know.

    You are right for the most part, Tauna. If the reports from the event are accurate, he failed. But this wasn’t a “traditional” interview situation. That doesn’t make his actions any better. His role here was different, though. He wasn’t collecting info to write a story.

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