Review on Paper #1

The part that I put the most effort into in for paper #1 was finding the actual article. I struggle with following along with stories, so I wanted to find one that was so interesting to me that I could read 3 different articles about it. Also, I wanted to find one that I could keep up with and understand all the twist and turns they might add into the information that each article might put in it. The part of the process that I wish I would have spent more time doing was writing my analysis over the articles. I read through each of them very carefully. I only read each of once. I figured that they wouldn’t have to much different information, but in fact they all did. 

The most difficult part about writing the paper was trying to explain how the writing styles differentiated from each other. To me one of the articles seemed to be a little bias but knowing a journalist shouldn’t be biased I left like I should be using a different word to explain how that article written in the Foxx59 seemed like they think she was guilty and just harsher in general. The biggest problem I encountered with this assignment was writing the comparison. To me it seemed very specific and straight to the point because 2 out of the 3 had the same format and they said the same things. They just seemed to head line them differently and that formatted the way that they wrote the story. 

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