College Culture Article – Sketch


Freshman year

I lived at home

Nothing changed

(Kaylin and brayton, roommates since freshman year, started out random roommates and became friends)


Sophomore year

Shit happened

I lived rent-free on a couch with really good friends

2nd semester I moved on campus with an unknown roommate

same hall as my friends

I learned a lot about myself this year; especially how to love myself.

(I keep my friends separate)


Junior year

I’ve been on my own

After the summer, I move doff campus and into a house with strangers

I call them my shitty college roommates

I moved out by 2nd semester back into my parent’s place


Senior year

I am now living in a 4 bedroom duplex with a mix of my friends

All has been well

lets see how this goes


Crashed on the floor when I moved in, this little bungalow with some strange new friends. Stayed up too late and I’m too thin. We promised each other it was til the end. –White houses



  1. “I am now living in a 4 bedroom duplex with a mix of my friends.” As I said in the handout: focus on now. The past, the shitty roommates, can inform what you have now. You can consider the differences year to year. What has changed? What is it about having roommates that is particularly college?

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