College Culture Article – Sketch


Freshman year

I lived at home

Nothing changed

(Kaylin and brayton, roommates since freshman year, started out random roommates and became friends)


Sophomore year

Shit happened

I lived rent-free on a couch with really good friends

2nd semester I moved on campus with an unknown roommate

same hall as my friends

I learned a lot about myself this year; especially how to love myself.

(I keep my friends separate)


Junior year

I’ve been on my own

After the summer, I move doff campus and into a house with strangers

I call them my shitty college roommates

I moved out by 2nd semester back into my parent’s place


Senior year

I am now living in a 4 bedroom duplex with a mix of my friends

All has been well

lets see how this goes


Crashed on the floor when I moved in, this little bungalow with some strange new friends. Stayed up too late and I’m too thin. We promised each other it was til the end. –White houses