Happy and Angry Moment

This scavenger hunt is to write about what makes me happy or mad. Here’s one better, one that makes me feel both.

I find it funny and odd that this assignment has come up because a year ago, 10/25. I adopted my baby kitten, Noble Neeson Madison-Nguyen. It’s funny because this little booger makes me so mad some nights, but he always makes me happy.

It’s mainly at night when he really pisses me off because he’s a cat. He doesn’t have to be anywhere. He doesn’t have a job, school, work, or dates. He’s a cat with the only care on when his food bowl will be filled. Other than that he sleeps all during the day, plays with his brother, and gives a whole lot of love.

At night, after he’s slept the entire day, every human wants to go to bed because we’ve all been running around at school or work, doing different things and not sleeping. So, after a day of everything, I’d like to come home and sleep.

Noble normally comes into the room with me and curls up on the end of the bed and sleeps there until morning.

Some nights though . . .

There’s a whole lot of meowing or what I’d like to call whining. He’ll want to go out. So, I let him out and close the door behind him. Next thing I know, he’s meowing outside of my door:


So, I get back up from the bed and let him back in. When the door opens, he shuts up, rubs up against my legs, and jumps onto the end of the bed. I close the door yet again and take a seat on the bed and immediately he jumps off and starts meowing at the door:


At this point, I couldn’t really kill him, but I’m thinking about it because I just want to sleep. Again, I let him out and happily, he walks out the room without a look back, and I close the door behind him. The cycle then repeats itself and that’s when I consider killing him.

It repeats itself because I’d rather answer the door to him meowing then at him clawing the door. “Declaw him.” Some people have said to me and as a personal choice, I will NEVER declaw my cat EVER again. The first time was my family cat and after watching her careful steps every time she placed down her paw, only to pick it back up to lick better, and how she still pretends to claw her scratching post. I promised myself I would never do that to another animal.

Eventually Noble shuts up or I fall asleep. Then it’s morning and every morning right when I walk out that door, I am greeted by Noble with a rub against my leg and he follows me for a little bit before I begin my morning routine.

I say good-bye to them as I leave the apartment and immediately, I see Noble jump up the window and I wave good-bye as I walk away. It makes me smile and it breaks my heart because cats love so much, they just like their space. I think that’s why I like them so much over dogs because cats get me. If I have no commitments or responsibilities, I would stay in my jammies¬†and lounge around all day and be perfectly content.

Then when I get home, I’ll take a seat on the couch and Noble, always playing with his mouse toy, will carry his toy, and take a seat on the couch next to me and continue to play. Once he’s done, he’ll stay snuggled close to my leg and take a nap. I’ll coo and enjoy the adorable moment.

Yet, at this point, I’ll consider pushing him off the couch just to keep him awake. So, then he’ll want to sleep at night like his mom.