Personal Experience – Personal Narrative

“Can I try some of that?” my 14-year-old sister asks me after I sit down with a glass of wine. I give her a look that she knows she’s in trouble and shouldn’t have asked that. Yet, she insists.

It reminds me of what our middle sister told me. Our dad used to be a self-diagnosed alcoholic, meaning he saw that he had a drinking problem and stopped on his own. Then, when I moved out of the house, I started drinking and he was scared for me. He never told me about his problem and I wonder if I had known would I have watched my drinking?

Now, my youngest sister is 14 and is curious about alcohol and I’m scared for her. Whenever I drink, she always asks if she can try some. I say no. Yet, even when I don’t drink around her, she’ll see my alcohol sitting on the cabinet and ask for a glass.


I didn’t even stop drinking on my own. It was one experience that changed my drinking habit. It’s been a year since my experience at Revival. Thanks to this experience though, I’m able to tell this story and tell first-hand what over drinking does to you.


I wanted to include something like this in the personal narrative because the only thing i have in my personal narrative right now is my drinking experience at Revival.