Which is sadder?

Or which is worse?

The fact that my body is running on two hours of sleep right now and i feel like i can take on the world full charge again and that my body has probably done this before that why it is so used to this feeling that’s why i feel okay but mentally i know that i am drained and dead and just really want to sleep but yet here i am ready to go


The fact that yesterday i spent 12 hours straight, minus the 15 minutes inbetween walking from my house to campus, on homework and not multiple homework assignments but one. I worked on one assignment worth 40 points in hopes of getting full credit. I always get low 30’s on this assignment and here i am hoping and doing my best for full credit.

Plus, that was not my only homework assignment. I also had a paper due, that i physically couldn’t finish because my body was beginning to give out on me and my brain was fried. I’ve never been a fried egg, but i felt like a fried egg.


This isn’t that bad because things can also be worse, but seriously why is this okay? students staying up until they are physically dead, just to finish up assignments.

Being a student is so hard and i really don’t know what to do about it besides having to keep on keeping on. It’s just one of those things that’ll pass but i can’t imagine what this will be like for future generations.

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