CD Review – Echoes by Young Guns

With already established rock bands like Three Days Grace, You Me At Six, Papa Roach, and other bands that may not fit in this genre like Twenty-One Pilots noted as alternative hip hop. Young Gun’s  new album Echoes, easily sets them apart from the rest of the rock genre. This has it all.

Young Guns is an alternative rock band from the UK. Since their beginning in 2004, Echoes is their 4th album released September 2016 following after their previous album Ones and Zeros.

Honestly, I liked this album so much from the first song that I immediately saved this album onto my Spotify.

When I first listen to an album, I listen to it from beginning to end without skipping songs. Then I go from there. I can always tell if I think a song is good because it’ll keep me interested the entire time versus a song that sounds just like another generic song (think something on the radio that has been played 4 times time in the same hour) where they just end blended up in the background.

“Bulletproof” is the opening to the album Echoes and immediately grabbed my attention. I’m a sucker for the sound of the guitar, it’s hearing the way the string vibrates pulls me into the song. The song kicks off with the sound of drums and guitars and immediately sets the mood on what kind of album this is going to be. Rock.

Another song that stood out to me is the 9th track “Mercury In Retrograde.” It’s the softer one on the album and really focuses on the singing; it’s like a Twenty-One Pilots sound. The song’s focus is the singing with the drums in the background, but all is heard above the electronic keyboard (listen to Car Radio by TOP for more understanding.) Then it goes into the rock, bringing back the guitar and then points the focus back onto the singer. Definitely a slow song, but kept the pace of the album.

“Bones” featured on their first album Bones released in 2012 is their most popular song on Spotify. Listening to that album and now Echoes Young Guns sound hasn’t really changed from when their first album was recorded.

What gives these guys a listen is that this album is a mix of sounds but still has a sound that people like and look forward to when it comes to rock music. If you’re a fan of Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, or Twenty-One Pilots definitely give them a listen. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll find a song on this album that will definitely suit your fancy.


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