News Comment Week 7

Following the Las Vegas Massacre there is a lot of calls for gun control. After decades of fighting between the Republican Party and Democrat Party they have come to some agreement. There is a ban being put into place on bump stocks. These stocks are used to turn semi automatic rifles into automatic rifles. Prior to this new legislation there was a ban on using bump stocks but not buying/owning one, this was considered a workaround and is being stopped by this legislation.

There is a clear difference between the article and the CNN video. The video is very general and doesn’t go into much depth. It talks about what lead up to the decision and interviews a senator who co-sponsored the bill. The article however describes what the bump stock is and how it works, why its legal, what the legislature says, and how it changes what the current laws.

One thought on “News Comment Week 7

  1. The “agreement” on bump stocks didn’t even make it through the week. The NRA has already changed its position, which means Republicans will soon be backing off any sort of limits. We’ll be doing more comparison of BC and print this week.

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