News Comment

This article is about people who have had wrong done to them when they have felt the need to call 911. The first example they list is about a woman who was beaten up by her boyfriend and went to a friends house who called 911. The next day her landlord recieved a piece of mail from the city deeming the property a nuisance because someone who did not live there was charged with assault on the property, and she was promptly evicted. It then talks about places where nuisance living is and why its a problem.

I think that this a good article about something that is under the radar in the United States right now. I do not like their lede I think it is a bit long and doesn’t really get to the point it just tells a story. I think story is a very factual story without bias.

News Comment

After an attempted succession from Spain, Catalonia has been invaded. The Spanish Government has voted to move into the area and remove the separatist leaders. This Catalonia is the area of Spain that runs along the Mediterranean Sea’s coast, starting with a border next to France, and continuing down past Barcalona.

In this article they have a good lede. They also do a good job explaining the differences between Spain and Catalonia, and why there is such a crisis. They explain why Catalonia began a movement to try and be independant, and why Spain doesn’t want them too.

News Comment 10

In this article Claudio Reyna talks about one of the reasons why the US soccer team is failing. He says that the problem is the ego and arrogance surrounding the coaches and players, they have no respect for international players and styles of playing. He compares the US players and coaches and attitudes to that of international coaches and players.

The article uses a good lede and throwaway lede to tell you what the article is about and why this is a relevant topic. The article uses many quotes by Claudio as its about what he said. The organization of the article is good however there are still some paragraphs towards the top that I would deem not very important, however it still makes sense for them to be where they are.

News Comment Week 8

This article is about the United States Men’s National Soccer Team not making the World Cup after losing to Trinidad and Tobago 2-1 including the United States giving up an own goal. It asks questions about what happened and what will happen next; such as how this will affect a world cup bid, how it affects the US financially, whether this is surprising, and the thoughts of the old coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

The lede to this story is fairly poor, however it does grab a persons attention. The lede is “it is bad” it doesn’t give any information on the article, unless you know the background. This article is also very informative on a different view of the situation than everything else coming out about the game right now. It also is very good at asking a question and answering it without a lot of extra unneeded information.

News Comment Week 7

Following the Las Vegas Massacre there is a lot of calls for gun control. After decades of fighting between the Republican Party and Democrat Party they have come to some agreement. There is a ban being put into place on bump stocks. These stocks are used to turn semi automatic rifles into automatic rifles. Prior to this new legislation there was a ban on using bump stocks but not buying/owning one, this was considered a workaround and is being stopped by this legislation.

There is a clear difference between the article and the CNN video. The video is very general and doesn’t go into much depth. It talks about what lead up to the decision and interviews a senator who co-sponsored the bill. The article however describes what the bump stock is and how it works, why its legal, what the legislature says, and how it changes what the current laws.

News Comment Week 6

This article talks about how multiple NCAA basketball coaches are being arrested and/or investigated for fraud and corruption. This is big news because some of these coaches are bi name coaches, people like Rick Pitino who is the only coach in NCAA history to win a championship with 2 different programs (Update since this article, is that he has been fired in connection with these charges). What these coaches did exactly to get these charges is that they would influence players to sign with certain shoe companies for endorsements, and to sign with certain agents or agencies to manage them in their playing career.

This article is really intriguing to me because the lede which is “our assistant basketball coaches from Arizona, Auburn, Oklahoma State and Southern California were charged Tuesday morning in a federal corruption investigation, and that might be only the tip of the iceberg in a three-year FBI probe that focused on coaches being paid tens of thousands of dollars to steer NBA-bound players toward sports agents, financial advisers and apparel companies.” really compels me to read more. It also has really good questions toward the bottom of the article where they were talking to a spokesman for the FBI and NCAA about the scandal.

News Comment Week 5

This article discusses a new study that Boston University conducted. This study links  playing football at a younger age to more brain traumas. These traumas include behavioral and mood impairments. This study was conducted by studying 214 different players, some of whom only played high school, some through college, and a few into the NFL.

I think this lede is excellent it cuts straight to the point. It is a good lede because if you just see that and you have a child or plan to, it spikes your interest because you want to keep them safe. It also makes you wonder when they should start playing and how they should start playing football, and the best way for them to get introduced to the sport.

News Comment Week #3

This article is about the Defensive Lineman Michael Bennett who plays for the Seattle Seahawks. He is known to be an activist for many different movements, and this article talks about his opinion on these issues and how he came to care about these issues. Some of the issues this article talks about it racism, heath issues (especially those directly attached to football), childhood obesity, and gender equality.

One thing that this article does really well is their lead, which is “Micheal Bennett is an activist disguised as a football player”. I think that is a really good lead because it makes you wonder what he does that makes him more activist than football player. It shows that he is more activist than football player, and he just uses his football player status to get a bigger profile to use for activism.

News Comment Week 2

My first impressions of this articled is how sick it makes me. The fact that people feel the need to lie to people to get their things when they claim to be helping the victims of this national disaster in every sense of the word. Its very sad that people feel that this is an okay thing to do, and they did put out a warning to people saying they should ask to see ID and badges from the agents. However that does not mean all the people see it, there are people who do not have internet or phone access to see these alerts or there are elderly people who do not have a smart phone or internet to see the updates coming up from them.

News Comment Week 1

There is a video that Vox put up this week titled “After Charlottesville: how do we cover an immoral president?” The main point of that article is quite clearly stated in the title; however you can also gather that Carlos Maza, the author of this article and the director of the video, is showing a great amount of bias in this question stating that President Trump is an immoral person. While I do not condone what President Trump has said or done in the aftermath of the happenings of Charlottesville, I also can’t help but noticed how he stages the video by putting a 5 word excerpt from trumps speech next to a video that shows the opposite of what trump has said. I do agree with the point of the video that President Trump said things he should not have and did things he should be ashamed of, there is also a lot of questionable things in the video itself.

I do believe that this is a news story that most people should see, it poses a very good question even though it is set up in a biased manner. It stimulates a thought process that most people don’t have an answer to, even Carlos says in the video he doesn’t know how to end the story because he doesn’t have an answer either. I think this story does a really good job of catering to the general everyday American and is not written specifically for a certain audience. I also believe that he leads into this article in a very direct way and just leaves the question there for you to examine throughout the entire video as you watch.