News Comment Week 2

My first impressions of this articled is how sick it makes me. The fact that people feel the need to lie to people to get their things when they claim to be helping the victims of this national disaster in every sense of the word. Its very sad that people feel that this is an okay thing to do, and they did put out a warning to people saying they should ask to see ID and badges from the agents. However that does not mean all the people see it, there are people who do not have internet or phone access to see these alerts or there are elderly people who do not have a smart phone or internet to see the updates coming up from them.

The Life of a Cutler

Steven Cutler is a student majoring in mass communications at Morningside College. He chose to come to Morningside because of the mass comms department and the opportunity to continue his sporting career. He is from Colo, Iowa and lived on a small family farm. This family farm has been on his dad’s side of the family since his grandfather, his mother’s side has lived in Council Bluffs. When he attended high school at Colo-Nesco High School, he participated in a number of sports including Baseball, Basketball, track and field, and cross country.

Here at Morningside College he participates in Track and Field and Cross Country. In his spare time between homework, practice, class, and meets he enjoys watching Netflix and sporting events. His favorite sporting events are baseball, basketball, boxing, and football. His favorite teams are the New York Yankees, Kansas City Chiefs, and Iowa State Cyclones. He likes the New York Yankees because his grandfather was a big fan and it has been passed down through the family ever since, he is a Kansas City Chiefs fan also because of family. He is a big Iowa State fan because he grew up 16 miles from the campus and regularly attended sporting events on their campus.

One memory that sticks out in Steven’s mind was that when he was 12 and at a campground with him family while camping, another young boy came up to him and threatened his life. Telling Steven that he was going to kill him with a Swiss army knife and a BB gun he brought along. ┬áHis favorite color is green because it is the color of John Deere which is the farm equipment his family owns and uses on their farm.

News Comment Week 1

There is a video that Vox put up this week titled “After Charlottesville: how do we cover an immoral president?” The main point of that article is quite clearly stated in the title; however you can also gather that Carlos Maza, the author of this article and the director of the video, is showing a great amount of bias in this question stating that President Trump is an immoral person. While I do not condone what President Trump has said or done in the aftermath of the happenings of Charlottesville, I also can’t help but noticed how he stages the video by putting a 5 word excerpt from trumps speech next to a video that shows the opposite of what trump has said. I do agree with the point of the video that President Trump said things he should not have and did things he should be ashamed of, there is also a lot of questionable things in the video itself.

I do believe that this is a news story that most people should see, it poses a very good question even though it is set up in a biased manner. It stimulates a thought process that most people don’t have an answer to, even Carlos says in the video he doesn’t know how to end the story because he doesn’t have an answer either. I think this story does a really good job of catering to the general everyday American and is not written specifically for a certain audience. I also believe that he leads into this article in a very direct way and just leaves the question there for you to examine throughout the entire video as you watch.