Anecdote Exercise

Steven Cutler told me the on goings in his apartment, where there are many clashing personalities between the people that live in his apartment. One of his roommates is a major clean freak and a perfectionist, while Steven is not that kind of person. When this roommate decides its time to clean he got mad at Steven for not properly cleaning out the sink, and decided to tell him that it needs to be cleaned at that moment. Steven however was busy with homework when he came into his room, and told him that he will clean it later. When the roommate got upset at Steven, he had two options either to get into an argument or just go clean and come back. Steven sat and thought to himself “in situations like this. I have to think about the consequences that could come if I start something and think ahead, it helps me make my decision.” Steven did eventually go over to the sink and clean it out to his roommates liking, after deciding that it would be the best decision at the moment.

He also talked about how it is hard for him to lose his temper. An example of this was when another of his roommates was mad at him one day and started yelling at everyone and just venting anger. When he got to Steven he really started to lay into him, and eventually Steven sat back and started laughing at some of the things that were being said. Steven decided instead of responding to anger with more anger, he would simply take some of the tension out of the room.

One thought on “Anecdote Exercise

  1. These are both good stories, Nathan. And they correspond with Steven’s quietude.

    They are a bit overwritten, though. I may have challenged you once before to try to
    cut your word count by about a third. When you finish a first draft, let is sit for a
    while, then go back to revise and re-work sentences so they’re tighter with active
    verbs. No repetition.

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