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This article is about people who have had wrong done to them when they have felt the need to call 911. The first example they list is about a woman who was beaten up by her boyfriend and went to a friends house who called 911. The next day her landlord recieved a piece of mail from the city deeming the property a nuisance because someone who did not live there was charged with assault on the property, and she was promptly evicted. It then talks about places where nuisance living is and why its a problem.

I think that this a good article about something that is under the radar in the United States right now. I do not like their lede I think it is a bit long and doesn’t really get to the point it just tells a story. I think story is a very factual story without bias.

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  1. Provide a link, Nathan. The story sounds interesting. I have a thing about landords. The law seems to let them get away with all kinds of crazy crap when it comes to dealing with tenants.

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