Mega City Mall Explosion

An explosion occurred today at The Mega City Mall, at 9:50am , there are two people confirmed dead.

Sergeant Fuglsang of the Mega City Police Department held a press conference this morning, shortly after the explosion went off. It is believed that the bomb went off in the food court near Dairy Queen. He confirmed that two people died today, one male from Sergeant Bluff and one female from Sioux City. They are withholding the names of these victims until the next of kin can be contacted. Sergeant Fuglsang also said that they do have video of the explosion from a security tape, however they are still reviewing it. While they still have no cause of the explosion known, they also have no reason to believe that it is a terrorist attack or that more explosions will occur.

Engels Perez, the mall security guard on duty at the time, said he was in the food court at the time of the explosion. He mentioned that he did not see anyone else in the food court at the same time. A handicapped man by the name of Dylan Ferguson was also near the explosion at the time, “I was by Scheels getting in some exercise, when I heard a loud boom and suddenly saw a large group of people running towards me, and I turned and had to join them to avoid possible injury.” He also mentioned that he saw the smoke coming out of the movie theater entrance, which is around the corner from the food court.

The mall has released an official statement, “Out hearts and thoughts go out to those who were injured today, and with their families. Mega City Mall will be closed while we assist law enforcement’s investigation of this tragic event.” It also was reported that they will begin repairs after the investigation, and hope to have some of the mall open by the end of the week.

The Mega City Police Department have announced that there will be a press conference this afternoon with more information that they have gathered.

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  1. Since you’re including time of day, you could also not it was before the mall opened.

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