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In this article in The New York Times they discuss the most coveted award in the NFL and they throw out a name that no one is thinking about, Johnny Hekker a Punter for the Los Angeles Rams. The articles discusses why he is so effective at punting a football and who he is. They compare him to other top punters and why he is better.

This article does a really good job of opening up the article with a very intriguing lede. It does a good job bringing in the backstory to Johnny Hecker and how he ended up with the team. I like their use of quotes in the article, as they bring in people talking about how much his value really is.

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  1. Hey, why not? If football is a game of inches and special teams play is critical and field position matters, then an MVP punter should be money in the bank.

    Look again at the lead. It’s a feature lead. This week’s subject.

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