Made up accolades

Mason Knaub, Omaha Nebraska, Omaha World Herald

Mason Knaub graduated from Omaha – Burke High School in 2016. He has since made a movie that has been accepted by Cedar RapidsĀ IndependentĀ Film Festival, this film is titled “The HSSS”. The main story line of film is that there is a boy who got thrust into manhood before he was ready, and as a result ended up with a new kind of STD, it was named Hash Slinging Slasher Syndrome. In his movie he has Zac Ephron play the lead character. The soundtrack is also nominated to win a grammy, the feature song on the soundtrack was written by Mason and titled “Its hot when I piss”. This movie was in production for two months, 6 weeks to film and 2 weeks to edit, prior to his submission to the film festival.

Mason says that his story was inspired by real life experience he has had to overcome after receiving a plethora of STDs in his life. Some of those STDs he has contracted in his life are gonorrhea, chlamydia, crabs, syphilis, HIV, and AIDS. He has felt the lasting pain of these STDs in the form of having to take medicine the rest of his life to help control these illnesses and he no longer has feeling in his left hand.

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  1. Good headline, but not one that woould accompany a press release (needless to say).

    Lead with the news, Nathan, the same as if you were doing a news article. In this
    case, I think the Grammy nomination may be bigger than the festival invite.

    Include the contact info.

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