Anecdote Exercise

Steven Cutler told me the on goings in his apartment, where there are many clashing personalities between the people that live in his apartment. One of his roommates is a major clean freak and a perfectionist, while Steven is not that kind of person. When this roommate decides its time to clean he got mad at Steven for not properly cleaning out the sink, and decided to tell him that it needs to be cleaned at that moment. Steven however was busy with homework when he came into his room, and told him that he will clean it later. When the roommate got upset at Steven, he had two options either to get into an argument or just go clean and come back. Steven sat and thought to himself “in situations like this. I have to think about the consequences that could come if I start something and think ahead, it helps me make my decision.” Steven did eventually go over to the sink and clean it out to his roommates liking, after deciding that it would be the best decision at the moment.

He also talked about how it is hard for him to lose his temper. An example of this was when another of his roommates was mad at him one day and started yelling at everyone and just venting anger. When he got to Steven he really started to lay into him, and eventually Steven sat back and started laughing at some of the things that were being said. Steven decided instead of responding to anger with more anger, he would simply take some of the tension out of the room.

Emma Watson Feminist Speech

In this speech Emma Watson, an actress and activist, is calling upon help from people attending the One Young World conference. In this speech she quoted Robert Kennedy saying “Each time a man or woman stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lots of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope. And crossing each other from a million different centers of energy, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest wall of oppression and resistance.” She uses this quote to talk about the feminist movement and how this is what they need to do. The feminist activists need to create many ripples and make them form a big current and tear down the oppression against women.

She also is trying to relate to all women by saying 7 statements. “I am willing to be seen. I am willing to speak up. I am willing to keep going. I am willing to listen to what others have to say. I am willing to go forward even when I feel alone. I am willing to go to bed each night, at peace with myself. I am willing to be my biggest, best-est, most powerful self.” She says these are things that on a daily basis women should ask themselves in the fight for gender equality. She asks the crowd they have any truth for them. She then says that “These seven statements scare the absolute shit out of me. But I know that they are at the crux of it all. At the end of the day, and when all is said and done, I know that these are the ways that I want to have lived my life.”

One Young World is a non profit organization started in 2009 by David Jones and Kate Robertson. It takes all young leaders in the world and puts them in one place to help empower change. Anyone can be an ambassador if they meet the critia, which is to be a 18-30 year old who demonstrate leadership and commitment to a better world.

Observation Exercise

I observed US Bank Stadium this weekend. This is where the Minnesota Vikings play their home games, it was built just last year and is a state of the art facility. When we arrived it was a dreary day, it had been sprinkling all day, only split by some harder rain. There were long lines and large crowds when we arrived, all were shuffling at a reasonable pace. There was a definite buzz around the stadium of excitement and anticipation. Once in the stadium there were chants arising and there was a smell of beer and food.

As the game was about to start the buzz started to pick up even more and there were many loud and thunderous chants starting. There also was a noticeable amount of people under the influence of alcohol. Throughout the game the buzz and energy were definitely slowly diminishing, in particular you can point out 3 very noticeable spots where the buzz left the air. These spots were when Dalvin Cook got injured, the lions scored their first and only touchdown of the day, and after the Vikings failed to convert on a 4th and goal. In the end the Vikings ended up losing and the fans were noticeably upset by this fact.

After the game many of the fans just sat in their seats for a few minutes after the game as it was a shocking end when Adam Thielin fumbled the ball on the games last chance for the Vikings. The fans were shocked and confused, and just sat there for a while, processing what they just saw. While leaving the game almost everyone walked up discouraged and/or disgruntled. Some people were trying to start fights with the lions fans who were extatic, some people walked with a hustle to try and leave faster, while some just shuffled along and other were stumbling from being drunk.

Description Exercise

The last person I talked to was a caucasian female, she had dirty blonde hair that went just below her shoulders and was wearing a blue shirt and pants with gray and black speckles. She had on white sneakers and black low cut socks. She has brown eyes.  She was roughly 5’8″ and a skinny build.


In class we recieved a few options for food. I chose to select 1 donut hole and one pirouline. My donut hole is chocolate and covered in sugar, it appears to be quite unhealthy. It is roughly half an inch in diameter and quite soft. When biting into it, it melts apart in my mouth to create a near perfect bite mark. The pirouline are a white tubular wafer with what appears to be chocolate swirls around it. on the inside, it is filled with chocolate. They take a decent amount of effort to crack and pull apart. When you take a bite a rush of milk chocolate fills your mouth, which is the followed by a taste of the wafer.

Scavenger Hunt

Zach Hutchinson has a favorite Morningside memory of winning a 32 inch smart TV. He won this just last night by playing Bingo. Zach said “We were playing blackout for the TV when they called my last number and somone else also yelled BINGO, we ended up having a 2 out of 3 tournament of rock paper scissors to find the winner.” Zach ended up winning the first 2 games of rock paper scissors and many people were upset when he yelled bingo.

He is now looking to sell the TV since he has one already. He has an asking price of $100, and will take it from anyone. If he does not receive $100 dollars he said he will try to return it to target or best buy, if that doesn’t work he will just put it on eBay and see how much he can sell it for.

Pastor Andy Nelson, the new Morningside College Chaplain, had a very creatively bent paper clip that I could use. He was very welcoming when I asked the question stating that he almost always has one because he is always fidgeting when he is sitting and working. He said “I am similar to my father in that way, I always have to be messing with something and have something in my hands. When I go home and talk to my father there are always paper clips and pens sitting around the house because we will sit there for hours and talk and have something in our hands.” When you look at the paper he generously provided it resembles a weapon which I mentioned and he responded by saying “It kind of looks like a shank, who knows maybe it will be declared a hazardous weapon.”

Lede Exercise 4a

55 people died in plane crash in a residential area near Chicago’s Second City Airport. There were 61 people on board when the airplane crashed into a residential district in South Chicago. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) immediately dispatched investigators to the sight. 16 people were admitted to Holy Cross Hospital with injuries.

One passenger who was found dead was Rep. George W. Collins, D-III who was on his way to help organize a children’s Christmas party. Marvin Anderson, a surviving passenger, said “the last thing the pilot said to us was we are at 4000 feet and everything is going well.” One eyewitness said, “The plane kept coming lower and lower. I thought surely it would go back up in the air, but it kept coming down. I knew it would never make it to the airport and I was scared.”

United Airlines spokesman has said, “The plane, Flight 553, was due at Second City Airport at 2:30pm. The plane was approaching the airport with a 500 foot ceiling and one mile of visibility.” The flight’s final destination was in Omaha, Nebraska.


1 of 4 Armstong Aeronautical University students died while sailing at 5pm yesterday and capsized the boat. They were sailing in a 16 foot catamaran with no life jackets on, when it sprang a leak and capsized. The group clung to a pontoon overnight before swimming to shore, where 1 student had no pulse and was left behind. Before she went unconscious she was claiming to be attacked by a shark, though there was no sign of a shark when the others came to her aid.

It took over 6 hours for the students to swim back to shore which was 4 miles away. One of the students was sent to Halifax Hospital where he had been bitten by dozens of Portuguese Man-O-War.

Lede Exercise #1

Principal vs Protest: The East High Story

10 upperclassmen and East High were punished for protesting last week. The alarms were sounded falsely three times last Wednesday by disgruntled students. It is said that there were ten upperclassmen responsible and they each were suspended for a week. These students were protesting the suspension of five other students who were caught smoking marijuana in the parking lot on school grounds. There was also a food fight in the cafeteria Tuesday, this food fight shut down the cafeteria for the rest of the day.

Principal Laura Vibelius said that there was general unrest around the whole school and its student body. She was quoted as “Not so much unrest because of suspensions, but because of summer vacation being so near.” She says that there should be no continuation of these incidents in the future.