Observation Exercise

I observed US Bank Stadium this weekend. This is where the Minnesota Vikings play their home games, it was built just last year and is a state of the art facility. When we arrived it was a dreary day, it had been sprinkling all day, only split by some harder rain. There were long lines and large crowds when we arrived, all were shuffling at a reasonable pace. There was a definite buzz around the stadium of excitement and anticipation. Once in the stadium there were chants arising and there was a smell of beer and food.

As the game was about to start the buzz started to pick up even more and there were many loud and thunderous chants starting. There also was a noticeable amount of people under the influence of alcohol. Throughout the game the buzz and energy were definitely slowly diminishing, in particular you can point out 3 very noticeable spots where the buzz left the air. These spots were when Dalvin Cook got injured, the lions scored their first and only touchdown of the day, and after the Vikings failed to convert on a 4th and goal. In the end the Vikings ended up losing and the fans were noticeably upset by this fact.

After the game many of the fans just sat in their seats for a few minutes after the game as it was a shocking end when Adam Thielin fumbled the ball on the games last chance for the Vikings. The fans were shocked and confused, and just sat there for a while, processing what they just saw. While leaving the game almost everyone walked up discouraged and/or disgruntled. Some people were trying to start fights with the lions fans who were extatic, some people walked with a hustle to try and leave faster, while some just shuffled along and other were stumbling from being drunk.

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  1. Three of the first four sentences are comma splices. Just write simple sentences. No need for all those commas. This is a good example of scene setting, Nathan. Most of the details you use work together to describe disappointment. (You really do need to clean up the spelling and commas, though.)

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