Alex Watters Interview

What has Morningside College done in the last 10 years for handicapped students? Alex Watters has said they made progress but they also have lost some. Alex Watters is a first year advisor for students at Morningside College, and was once a student here. He also happens to be paralyzed with limited ability in his hands and control over his legs.

Alex said in his first semester here there were 2 places on campus that were wheelchair friendly, which was first floor of Roadman Hall, where he lived, and Olsen Student Center where they put in a ramp for a handicapped entrance. Since then they have made many more buildings easier to access for the handicapped, however there are still some challenges surrounding the campus for wheelchair bound students and faculty.

One such obstacle is that Lewis Hall is not wheelchair accessible. Lewis Hall hosts the admissions department, office of the registrar, business office, and where President Reinders’ has his office. One thing that he does praise Morningside College for is that everyone is always willing to be accommodating, however he still says that just because they are accommodating it is not about them being accommodating, but the students feeling included and not a hinderance.

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