Carl//Sophia Sansone & Homestead//Joshua Miller Jr.

Carl//Sophia Sansone

The way I

Remember your pleasure

To see us

In the attic playing

With the once-untouched tea

Set perfect for our miniature

Hands in the pistachio jar always

Digging for the easy ones to

Open arms for hellos and goodbyes

Are always hard to hand

Out the white door

Of the barn overtaken by cats

Rubbing against our bare legs

Too short to reach the

Nilla wafers in cabinets

Filled with pills

You had to take

All the time

Has gone


Joshua Miller Jr.

Josh Miller is a Junior biology major from Lincoln, NE. He has always had a love for reading literature and writing poetry. At Morningside, he is involved in Pre-Professional Health Club Secretary, Tri-BBB the Morningside Review, the Kiosk, and the football team. He is excited to have his first picture published in the Kiosk.

Sophia Sansone

Sophia Sansone is a sophomore English secondary education major from Milan, MI. She has always had a love for writing and has taken this love into her education at Morningside University. At Morningside, she is involved in Sigma Tau Delta. She is very grateful for her first publication in the Kiosk.

Insecurities//Michael Sprague & Smudge//Haylie Folsom

Insecurities//Michael Sprague

I feel like a frog

Pinned to a table

With a scalpel dissecting

My every word

My writing under a fluorescent light

Examined by people I can’t see

Taking notes on my biology

Mentioning my background

I have been cut open

No one bothered to sew me up

My guts are left on the table

My poems thrown aside


Smudge//Haylie Folsom

Haylie Folsom

Haylie Folsom is a senior counseling psychology and studio art major from Atchison, KS. At Morningside, she is a captain on the women’s swim team and a DJ at Morningside’s radio station. She has always loved reading, writing, and drawing, and is excited to see her work featured in this year’s Kiosk.

Michael Sprague

Michael is an adventurous person; he does things on a whim. Although spontaneous he is also indecisive and may hesitate when it comes to some decisions. He may not always want to but he will sympathize with others around him.

At Thirteen//Abigail Langseth & Under the Night Sky//Payton Miller

At Thirteen//Abigail Langseth

I found Jesus hiding

in the dirt of a worn 

out campground.

He asked to be washed off,

so I held him in my palm

and carried him to the

bathroom sink, lying

to my grandmother about

where I was going.

I didn’t know you had

metal skin, I told him.

He didn’t know either.

After rubbing him clean,

he asked if we could keep 

this a secret, and I never

thought to wonder why.

When there was a knock 

on the door, he fell silent.

And I never heard

his voice again.

And, God, I love not having

to pray anymore.

Under the Night Sky//Payton Miller

Abigail Langseth

Abby Langseth is a first year nursing major from Omaha, NE. Throughout her life, she has had a love for poetry and literature. Abby is excited to say that her writings have been published in Kiosk.

Payton Miller

Payton Miller is a sophomore at Morningside University majoring in Mass Communications and General Psychology with minors in Criminal justice and photography. She is from Rock Springs, Wyoming. Photography has been a part of her life for so long and she is excited for the opportunity to share some of her work in the Kiosk. She is involved with the Morningside women’s swim team, CEO Group, campus media, and Residence life.