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Dinosaur by Elizabeth Obermeier
Elizabeth Obermeier // Graphic Design

Elizabeth Obermeier

My name is Elizabeth Obermeier and I am a sophomore from Indianola, Iowa. I am double majoring in Graphic Design and Business Administration with a minor in Marketing.

Change the Dial by Abby Koch
Change the Dial
Abby Koch // Graphic Design
Abby Koch

I’m Abby Koch and I’m a junior from Sioux City, Iowa. I am studying graphic design and mass communication and I hope to get an amazing job after college. If not, I’ve decided to raise alpacas or become a professional spoonman. Whatever really floats my goat.

Deer Jump by Iandra Estupinian
Deer Jump
Iandra Estupinian // Photography
Iandra Estupinian

Hello, I’m Iandra Estupinian from Santa Ana, California and am currently a junior. I’m majoring in Corporate Communication with minors in Photography and Advertising and I’m a movie fanatic!

Oregon A Couple by Angela Chen
Oregon A Couple
Angela Chen // Photography

Wanying Chen

My name is Wanying Chen but my friends call me Angela. I am a Chinese girl and also a senior studying Animation and Video Game development at Morningside College. I love art, photography, and skateboarding.

Spooky Szn by Riley Custer
Spooky Szn
Riley Custer // Intaglio
Riley Custer

I’m Riley Custer and am a senior Biology and Studio Art student at Morningside College. When I’m not in the studio, I love spending time with my cat, drinking coffee, or hiking.

Train Street by Mitch Keller
Train Street
Mitch Keller // Photography
Mitch Keller

Mitchel T. Keller holds a B.S. in mathematics from North Dakota State University and a Ph.D. in mathematics from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has been an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Morningside since 2018.

Bark. Lock and Key. Tooth. by Riley Custer
Bark. Lock and Key. Tooth.
Riley Custer // Mixed Media
Riley Custer

I’m Riley Custer and am a senior Biology and Studio Art student at Morningside College. When I’m not in the studio, I love spending time with my cat, drinking coffee, or hiking.

Overlooking the Land by Melissa Gillete
Overlooking the Land
Melissa Gillete // Photography
Melissa Gillette

 I’m Melissa Gillette, a Junior studying Elementary Art Education and Studio Art. I enjoy music, art, writing, hiking, rock climbing, archery, knife throwing, and hanging out with friends.

Deep Sea by Elise O’Regan
Deep Sea
Elise O’Regan // Graphite
Elise O'Regan

I’m Elise O’Regan, was born here in Iowa, and I’m a sophomore doubling in Art Administration and Mass Communication. I plan to become an editor after graduation and will continue to create art!

Batu Caves by Jessica Pleuss
Batu Caves
Jessica Pleuss // Photography
Jessica Pleuss

Jessica Pleuss is an Associate Professor at Morningside. When she isn’t busy teaching, you can usually find her trying to keep up with her kids, and taking some photos in the process.

Camelflage by Shelby Prindaville
Shelby Prindaville // Acrylic on basswood panel

Shelby Prindaville

Shelby Prindaville is the Art Department Head and Associate Professor of Art at Morningside College

Untitled by Rachel Steinkamp
Rachel Steinkamp // Photography

Rachel Steinkamp

I am Rachel Steinkamp from Arcadia, Iowa. I’m a freshman studying Photography and Graphic Design. I have always loved art and expressing emotions through my work.

Just a Garlic by Tracie Tuttle
Just a Garlic
Tracie Tuttle // Oil on Canvas
Tracie Tuttle

Tracie Tuttle is a senior majoring in studio art and minoring in graphic design and journalism. She is involved with the Collegian Reporter and Art Club.

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Page from the Past

Kiosk, 1997, Volume 59
Eric Knell


Two distant souls
weary from the dance
take their seats
to watch dreams brush by
as a sea of coupled hearts
teeming with passion
swells between them
both longing,
            both hoping,
            both praying
            for that one moment
            when the sea will divide
            and unite their lonely eyes
            and unite their lonely eyes
            as they take the floor
            to embrace one another       
            granting His wish.

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The Conversion of 1967 // Steve Coyne

Dreaming of Vintage by Devyn Reilly
Dreaming of Vintage
Devyn Reilly // Mixed Media

When my sole came loose
on a street in New York
and began slapping the sidewalk
like Bozo, Clarabelle, Chaplin, 
my flat-topped friends stood off.
We had ditched school,
piled into the Chevy, 
and driven across Jersey
to NYC for the day.
But now they were gone,
drifting up the sidewalk
while I fished in trash cans 
along the curb until I caught 
shiny wire from a dead bouquet
and wound it around to bind
my sad sole. I tried to catch
my friends again, but I was 
a boy limping along like a bum,
and I lost them in the press
of St. Mark’s Place, where I hobbled, 
weird in my wired shoe,
and no one asked me for change,
and no prostitutes wanted a date.
It was if I had dropped through 
some grate in the world.
That’s when a long-hair 
sitting on the sidewalk
gave me the victory sign.
“Hey silver-shoe,” he cooed,
                              “that is completely cool.”


Steve Coyne

Stephen Coyne taught American literature and creative writing at Morningside College for thirty years. He is past faculty adviser for Kiosk and proud to be included in its pages.


Devyn Reilly

I’m Devyn Reilly from Fountain, Colorado. I’m a freshman majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Business Administration. I have always loved art because for me it is the best way to express myself.

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