Two Haikus // Kassidy Hart

Eye Cracked Up by Tracie Tuttle
Eye Cracked Up
Tracie Tuttle // Intaglio Print
floral beauty by  Rachel Steinkamp
floral beauty
Rachel Steinkamp // Photography

Customer glaring,
I did not hear his order.
Just nod and smile.

“Stop bleeding,” he says,
as if the pain is my fault.
His love holds the knife.


Kassidy Hart

Kassidy is a sophomore majoring in Secondary English Education and minoring in Journalism. She loves writing and hopes to inspire her future students!


Rachel Steinkamp

I am Rachel Steinkamp from Arcadia, Iowa. I’m a freshman studying Photography and Graphic Design. I have always loved art and expressing emotions through my work.

Tracie Tuttle

Tracie Tuttle is a senior majoring in studio art and minoring in graphic design and journalism. She is involved with the Collegian Reporter and Art Club.