Churchgoers // Joshua Miller & Reflective Still Life // Calissa Hanson

Churchgoers // Joshua Miller

We sit and listen

in rigid pews in plain churches

To the words of a man

learned in the ways of the soul

He dictates his view of the biblical reading

In his many garments of green and white

Advising us how to better

ourselves and our siblings in Christ

With many blessings and ancient phrases

we meander our way

through old traditions

of another age

Kneeling, standing,

Seating, singing

As instructed

Praying as our thoughts wander

to the farthest thing from holy notions

We take and eat

the very God we worship

Then we leave

Churchgoers // Joshua Miller

Joshua Miller Jr. is a sophomore from Lincoln, NE, double majoring in biology and English double and minoring in chemistry. At Morningside, he is a part of the football team, PPHC, and ODK. From a young age, Miller has enjoyed reading. Miller had never written poetry until last semester and was initially intimidated but found the shorter nature to be easier than fictional stories.

Recorded by the Kiosk Editorial Staff

Reflective Still Life // Calissa Hanson

Calissa Hanson is a senior from Sioux City, IA, majoring in computer science. At Morningside, she is a member of the choir.