Laughing in Color // Anna Uehling & The Wolf // Lex Wurth

Laughing in Color // Anna Uehling

Anna Uehling is a senior from Nicollet, MN, double majoring in Graphic Design and Marketing. At Morningside, she is involved in MSAA.

The Wolf // Lex Wurth

Born barefoot and bloody,

a wild wolf of a woman. 


bidding the moon  

to touch her. 

She hungers 

for the flesh of any man, 

who’s ever tried to tame

the beast out of a woman. 

For any man who’s  

beaten the mud out of 

their claws and 

braided their wild into  

pink ribbons. 

Her tongue waters  

for the marrow 

of men, who have 

tied down their bitches. 

Of men who have 

muzzled the howls 

of hungry women. 

She craves the salt 

of a sweaty brow 

cowering beneath her. 

She shows her teeth, 

clenched for every man 

who’s ever laid a finger on  

a wolf’s potential.

The Wolf // Lex Wurth

Lex Wurth is a junior from San Antonio, TX, majoring in graphic design. She is on Morningside’s Women’s Swim team, part of the FIWD board, and is an Assistant Art Director for the Kiosk. She has been writing before she knew how to spell and poetry is her favorite form of creative writing. In high school, Wurth participated in many literary events.