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Wise, White, and Witty – Tim Wise had it all

Wise, White, and Witty – Tim Wise had it all

By Gustav Hollnagel-- Tim Wise spoke about the fallacy of having overcome post-racial conceptions. White supremacy is still guiding and tearing on America like an invisible hand. About 150 students listened both quietly and enthusiastically to Wise’s speech in the Yockey Room. Wise started [...]

What do midterm grades mean?

By Michelle Kuester-- When you say the word “midterm,” most students groan at the thought of a week of tests that probe the knowledge acquired during the first half of classes. However, once the week passes, there are no more thoughts about midterms. Students don’t always realize grades [...]

My Big Fat Morningside Greek Week

By Jordan Ogren--They say when in Rome, do as the Romans do. But if you are in search of some exciting activities this week on campus, do as the Greeks do! Greek Week is here at Morningside all week and everyone is invited to join the fun. What is Greek Week you may ask? Greek Week is a week of [...]

Color Blind – Tim Wise to Speak on Campus

By Gustav Hollnagel-- Tim Wise is a renowned anti-racist writer and educator against racial discrimination. He will be on campus on March 29, 2011, to speak about the prevalence of racism in our midst. Due to severe weather changes in February, Tim Wise’s appearance on campus had been delayed [...]

Panel on Affordable Care Act to Convene on Campus

By Gustav Hollnagel-- Ever since President Obama was associated with the new health care plan, there has been a great debate over the benefits and pitfalls of universal health care. The ongoing ACA (Affordable Care Act) is supposed to bring tangible changes to the lives of all Americans. Obama [...]

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