Arts & Entertainment, News / December 3, 2019 Arise All Nations: A Thematic, Unique Take on Christmas

by Dylan Ferguson--The Morningside Visual and Performing Arts Department will be hosting Christmas At Morningside on Friday, December 6th beginning at 7:30pm in Eppley Auditorium. Doors open at 6:30pm, with seating filling quickly.

News / October 30, 2019 Phi Mu Alpha spends fall break lifting spirits

by Dylan Ferguson--For many, Fall Break is an opportunity to catch up on rest. The men in Morningside’s chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia took it as an opportunity to lift spirits using music.

News, Sports / October 30, 2019 Female athletes struggle with body image

Kiki Bennett--All athletes are expected to look a certain way based on the sport they play. Athletes want to look strong and are worried about their bodies not making the cut. Especially female athletes.

News / October 21, 2019 Morningside website launches with new look

by Mari Pizzini--Morningside College was given a digital face-lift on October 16, 2019. The college’s new website launched to the general public after first being seen by faculty.

News / October 16, 2019 Morningside groups bring awareness to suicide prevention

by Dylan Ferguson--September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and two campus groups did their part to bring awareness. On the evening of October 6th, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia music fraternity and Active Minds came together to hold their second annual Walk to Prevent Suicide.

News / October 10, 2019 In the room with Bob Woodward

by Abby Koch–Bob Woodward, best known for his work on the Watergate scandal, sees similarities in the politics of the past and today. Woodward highlighted the similarities between Richard Nixon and Donald Trump to a press panel before later taking the Eppley Auditorium stage for the 2019 Waitt Lecture.  Along with his work with Carl...

News / October 10, 2019 Waitt Lecture: Woodward connects Nixon, Trump

Journalist Bob Woodward focused on the polarizing climate that was American politics during Watergate in the 1970s, and the Trump administration now during his Waitt Lecture Wednesday night.

News / October 8, 2019 Into the Streets changes to show community impact

by Mari Pizzini--Morningside College’s all-campus volunteer day, Into the Streets, was held on Wednesday, October 2. Over 800 students gathered in Eppley Auditorium at 8 a.m. to head into the Siouxland area.

News, Sports / October 6, 2019 Women’s soccer fall in overtime heartbreaker

by Jonathan Covert--Mustang women’s soccer fell in a heartbreaker to the Northwestern Red Raiders 1-0 in overtime. The match had been very physical and very hard fought both ways.

Arts & Entertainment, News / October 6, 2019 Halloween movies for scaredy-cats

by Kiki Bennett--Horror isn’t for everyone. So, these are the best movies for the scaredy-cats who want to get into the spooky season.



All-Campus Electronic Recycling Event

By Jordan Ogren– Don’t know what to do with that old Walkman CD player? Tired of looking at that tacky, old lamp on your end table? Don’t throw them in the trash! Donate them! The Information Services department will be holding an all-campus recycling event for any and all electronics you no longer need! R.C.R….


Beavan Visits Campus – How Are We Impacting Our Environment?

By Gustav Hollnagel– “No impact” man Colin Beavan came to Morningside to give a reflective speech about the demeanor of our society. We keep trading the blame for conditions we are, at least, partially to blame for ourselves.  In general, people should try to find the things in life they can control and those that…

Slam Poetry On Campus

Slam Poetry On Campus

By Gustav Hollnagel– George Watsky has gathered more than eight million views on YouTube. Simultaneously, he has become a well known slam poet all over the country. On Tuesday, April 12, he is bringing his talents to Morningside. George Watsky is a writer and performer who believes in the equal power of the tear and the…

“No Impact Man” Comes to Morningside

“No Impact Man” Comes to Morningside

By Gustav Hollnagel– Colin Beavan, began his project “No Impact Man” in November of 2006. His outlook was to make as little environmental impact as possible. The film adaptation of Colin’s project was shown in the UPS Lincoln Center on Monday (April 4). Next week, he will speak on campus about how we, as the…

Student Government hosts biannual town hall meeting

Student Government hosts biannual town hall meeting

By Nick Buth– The biggest concerns brought to the attention of administrators at a recent Town Hall meeting included conflicts scheduling classes (including when classes are offered), and security of students’ belongings in their dorms and their cars while parked on campus. The biannual meeting March 29 allowed students to express their concerns to seven…

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