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Tuesday March 19th 2019



Morningside Student Plans Mission Trip for Summer Break

sadlerBy Rachel Potter–Most college students either go home for the summer or stay on campus either working or just taking a break from school. Sarah Sadler is a different plan for her summer.   She will spend her entire summer in Cape Coast, Ghana in West Africa.  Sadler will pack her bags May 31st and will return home August 9th. During this time she will not see any of her family.

“There are two groups that are going from my church for a couple of weeks, so I might see some familiar faces which will be comforting,” said Sadler.

Sadler will be staying in a house that has about 24 rooms. It is a rehabilitation house for women rescued from sex trafficking and people who were addicted to drugs.  People come to the rehabilitation house for a discipleship program.

Sadler’s original plan was to spend a month in Haiti, but she could not get anything lined up with her church. The opportunities to go to Africa for three months came up, and Sunnybrook Community Church asked her if she’d be interested.

This is a unique opportunity for anyone, though it may not suit just anyone. Sadler feels that she has been called to this mission trip to help the people of Cape Coast and spread the love of God.

“I’ve wanted to be a long-term missionary for a couple of years, and I think that this summer is the perfect opportunity for me to do it,” said Sadler.